Events from the Community

This website is curated by the New York University Office of Government and Community Affairs (OGCA). Part of OGCA's mission to build relationships with local community groups, BIDs, and nonprofits, and to serve as a general resource to members of the community.

Interested in adding your event to the NYU Free and Public Events Blog? Your event must be:
  1. Free
  2. Open to the public
  3. Near NYU's facilities in New York City. 
"Near" in this context means that your event's location is in the same neighborhood as NYU facilities, or is not more than a few minutes walk away.

If your event fits these parameters, we will consider including it as an entry. Please note that other factors may influence our consideration. For example, if your event is already receiving substantial publicity or advertising space, we may decline your request. As a general rule, we reserve the right to decline requests for publicity on this blog.

Please email OGCA with a description including the following:
  1. A summary of the nature of your event
  2. The details of your event
  3. Your connection to NYU, if any
  4. The for-profit or non-profit status of your organization
  5. A description of your organization